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4G Landline SIM Launch

ONSIM Launch new 4G Landline SIM Service in the UK

ONSIM Launch new 4G Landline SIM Service in the UK

Today it brings us great pleasure to finally announce the launch of our eagerly awaited 4G Multi-Net Landline SIM (our third generation Landline SIM product).

These new super SIM’s represent years of unbelievably hard work by our team and our partner networks. We are very proud to be able to deliver best in class mobile convergence affordably to businesses right across the UK.

Why has it taken so long for us to get 4G?

We launched our V1 Landline SIM’s way back in 2015 and whilst there are now thousands of UK businesses using our service as an alternative to VoIP or Mobile Apps the one question that kept coming up was why didn’t we have 4G on our SIM’s to enable speedier access to data services. The truth was that the V1 SIM’s are technically classified as ‘machine to machine’ and the HSPA (better than 3G but not as quick as 4G) connection was considered fit for that purpose. It’s taken; switching our core network, new partnerships, new technology, a completely re-designed telecoms and billing platform, not to mention a huge amount of effort and investment for us to finally deliver a 4G product that provides all the same benefits of our old 3G sims but with necessary advancements/improvements all our customers asked for.

What happened to V2?

Although we experimented with a wide range of SIM solutions to remedy some of the issues with V1 we never found a combination of a product that would resolve all issues. SIM’s connected to the three network gave us 4G data speeds but locked us to a single network and created new issues with voicemail. Vodafone lead multi-net SIM’s provided better roaming and redundancy but again were stuck with 3G speeds. We eventually released very small batches of V2 SIM’s to customers that had specific issues with the V1 SIM but we never officially launched them.

What’s Changed with V3?

In truth just about everything has changed, however the great features and our core values are still the same.

  1. 4G Data – Our new 4G Landline SIM’s offer full speed access to 4G data networks across all our network partners and our new pricing plans give our customers access to far larger and better value data packages.
  2. Real Time Call Logs & Stats – with the launch of our new V3 dashboard (coming soon) customers will be able to see up to date logs of their calls, data (updates hourly) and SMS (updates hourly). This will give customers better control of their allowances.
  3. New Bundles – we’ve launched all new Bundles all with unlimited UK calls and SMS and the option of adding 2, 4, 10, 20 or 40GB of 4G data. Our new bundles are being offered on a 12 month contract term in order to give access to better pricing from our network partners.
  4. New Core Network – The new core network gives us much better access and control to be able to develop our products and services. This will allow us to increase the speed of development of new services and fixing any issues if they arise.
  5. New Billing/Account Management Platform – As part of the upgrade we have implemented a new state of the art billing and integrated customer management platform that will enable us to bill in near real time. This will ultimately bring down costs for customers, provide better intelligence and reporting for their bills and allow us to provide more flexible pricing plans.
  6. Better Redundancy – our new core telephony platform has been re-built to provide better redundancy providing less risk of service outages.
  7. Updated Terms of Service – we have completely re-written our terms of service to provide more detail and clarification on our new bundles, services and SLA’s.
  8. Updating our Customer support Processes – With the launch of our new 4G services we have had to look at how we support our growing family of customers and provide the most efficient and helpful customer support. Our fair, ticket lead approach will continue to define our customer support experience with new useful tools to enable customers to self administer their own systems. Our new lower cost plans will withdraw the telephone support channel to allow our engineers and customer support agents to concentrate on solving customer issues in a fair and programmatic manner.

What’s Coming in the near Future?

  1. New V3 Dashboard Launch – we are putting the final touches on a new state of the art customer portal that will allow you to manage your business mobile phone systems in real time. We expect to release V3.1 in October 2020.
  2. API Launch – launch of what we believe will be the worlds very first API from a mobile network for end users. At launch we expect to release methods for access of call, data and sms logs, update forwarding settings and block services. We plan to build out a full api to allow our customers to integrate our mobile network solutions into their own platforms with real time call control.
  3. Integration with Zapier – providing an integration with the Zapier platform to allow customers to connect over 2,000 apps and automate workflows to our mobile platform.
  4. New Lite Plans – Over the coming months we plan on releasing a new type of lower cost plan. This will be a pre-pay style account designed for customers looking for a basic business landline service at a low monthly cost.
  5. New Features – we will continue to develop our platform to regularly launch exciting new features and integrations for our customers.

How can I get a 4G SIM?

Existing customers – please raise a support ticket by emailing support@onsim.uk

New Customers – order a SIM here

All that remains to say is, thank you to all our loyal customers that have supported us and waited patiently whilst worked on this new 4G product. We hope you love the new SIM’s and all the benefits they provide!

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