Network Level

Mobile Call & SMS Recording

Whether you need to record your calls & sms for regulatory purposes or otherwise, ONSIM allows you to natively record mobile calls without the use of apps or diverts.

On Network

Our call recording solution isn’t an app that can be turned off or forgotten. All calls and SMS are recorded directly at network level meaning your always compliant no matter where you do business.

Highly Secure

Recordings are encrypted, processed and stored in secure data centres under military-grade security. We track and audit access, perform penetration tests and regularly review our security protocols to ensure we mitigate any threats to your sensitive data.

Device Agnostic

Because our call recording solution is at network level not app based, it works across devices (not just smart ones) and across platforms (Android/iOS).

Software Agnostic

We integrate with the worlds leading call recording platforms so you can add mobile voice and SMS to your existing records. No new software to learn and no data migration to manage.


Our mobile recording solutions have been developed to comply with (and exceed) the most rigorous regulatory frameworks from around the globe including; FCA, GDPR, MiFID II, HIPPA, PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, FAIS, POPI, FICA and CCPA. Our solutions experts can tailor services for your industry, geographic and regulatory needs.


Our experts can work with you to develop a bespoke call and SMS recording solution that's right for your business. We don't force you fit to our model.

Bring your own archive

We give you full access to your recording data so you can use your existing archive solution or we can help you find one that works for you. Below is a sample (but not a full list) of platforms we can support.

Kerv Compliance Cloud
Amazon Web Services S3 to store call recordings
Azure Services Blob storage as call recording storage
Google Cloud as a mobile call archive
ASC Mobile Recording Archive Service
Insightful Soteria Mobile Call & SMS Recording
Verint Mobile Call & SMS Recording
Bloomberg Vault Mobile Recording
Global Relay

What mobile recording services do we provide?

We only offer native SIM or Network based mobile call and SMS recording solutions. No OTT VoIP apps or diverts.

Network Level Call Recording

Native call & SMS recording solutions that can't be bypassed by the user. No apps to install or staff training required.

SIM Based Mobile Recording

Recording at SIM level using your phones native dialler and contact directory. Works across operating systems and again no apps or diverts, ever!

SMS Recording

SMS Recording services for financial compliance and the unique ONSIM 'SMS Intercept' service give you full control of your company messaging.

Mobile Recording FAQ's

Do I have to change SIM/Network?

Yes, in order for us to record your mobile calls and SMS at the network level, you need to switch to our mobile network. This involves swapping your current SIM(s) with ONSIM ones and porting your mobile and/or landline numbers to our service, similar to switching to any other mobile network provider.

What Network do you use?

In the UK, we use the EE network, and internationally, we partner with various Tier 1 networks. For specific information about the network in your region, please contact us.

I already have a business mobile service with a Mobile Network Operator. Why should I consider ONSIM?

ONSIM offers more than just a mobile network or call recording add-on. We empower your IT team with direct control over the mobile network, including routing, user administration, policies, call recording, and other unique features exclusive to ONSIM.

What about international use?

ONSIM operates a unique global mobile network, providing native service in 34 countries and traditional roaming in over 150 other regions.

Can you record just SMS, i.e., for Dodd–Frank regulations in the US?

Yes, you can choose to capture just SMS. Uniquely, we can even place you in the 'SMS path' so you can check and validate SMS before they are sent.

Can you support BYOD?

Yes, with most phones now supporting dual SIM and ONSIM offering eSIM functionality, you can easily configure a business SIM/identity on a personal (BYOD) device. This allows for separating business and personal communication.

How do I access my recordings?

We offer a variety of solutions depending on your requirements and how you want to integrate with us. We can make the recording files available for collection via SFTP, SIP-REC, send them via HTTPS POST, enable collection via API, pass calls to your PBX via SIP, and even send them via email. Speak to us to learn more about our flexible mobile recording solutions.

Are my recordings secure with ONSIM?

Yes, our mobile and SMS recording services operate at the highest levels of data security, using quantum encryption algorithms. We are regularly audited by independent data security specialists and continuously scan our systems to identify and evaluate new and emerging threats. Global banks trust ONSIM to record their calls and SMS due to our commitment to data security and confidentiality.

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