Explore the Unique Features of the ONSIM Mobile Network

ONSIM isn't like other mobile networks. We add unique and useful features to our service. Features that boost your productivity & features you won't find anywhere else.

Mobile Voice Recording

Natively record your mobile calls at network level without using apps or diverts.

SMS Recording

Natively record SMS at network level without using apps or diverts.

Mobile Compliance Recording

Record your mobile communications for a variety of compliance frameworks

SMS Gateway

Programatically send & receieve sms to and from your ONSIM users

Attended call transfer

Transfer calls to another mobile with introduction.

Anonymous call reject

Reject calls from anonymous numbers automatically.


Extensive API to manage users, service and billing in real time.

Auto Attendants and IVR's

Automated attendant, interactive voice menus with advanced mode and time-based features.

Blind call transfer

Transfer calls to another mobile without introduction.

Call forward on busy / on no answer / to multiple simultaneous mobiles / to SIP URI

Forward calls under various conditions to multiple destinations.

Call queues

Manage high volume incoming calls for efficient handling right from your mobile handset.

Call parking / call pickup

Park calls and allow retrieval from another mobile/extension.

Call barring

Restrict certain types of outgoing calls based on destination or cost.

Call return (last dialed number)

Return the last dialed call quickly.

Call waiting

Alert for incoming calls while on another call. For efficient handling of calls in high volume scenarios please see call Queue feature.

Caller ID Landline or Mobile

Display a landline or a mobile number as your caller ID from your SIM.

Call hold

Put calls on hold temporarily.

Call recording by default and on demand

Record calls automatically or manually.

Conference rooms

Dedicated rooms for multi-party conference calls.

Customer dialing rules / translation rules

Customisable rules for dialing and call translation.

CLIP/CLIR (calling line identity presentation / restriction)

Control the presentation or restriction of caller ID for staff.

CNIP/CNIR (calling name identity presentation / restriction)

Control the presentation or restriction of caller name.

Caller identity & privacy protection

Protect caller identity and ensure privacy.


Secure online portal to to manage service.


Receive faxes as email attachments.

Group pickup

Answer calls for other mobiles in a group.

Global Service

Users in multiple countries using the same service without roaming charges.

Global Numbering

Virtual Numbers in 80 countries and 5157 area codes.

Global Mobile Numbers

Native mobile numbers in 16+ countries

Hunt groups

Distribute calls across a group of mobiles.

Music on hold

Play music for callers on hold.

Paging / intercom dialing

Broadcast messages or intercom calls.

Presence (BLF Keys)

Indicate user availability status in real time.

Roaming Controls

Bar certain users from being able to roam in certain zones.

Selective call acceptance / forward / reject

Manage calls selectively for acceptance, forwarding, or rejection.

Shared Call Appearance

Multiple mobiles displaying the same number (mobile or landline).

SIP (IP Phone Twinning)

Support for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) devices (twin your mobile with an IP Phone)


Support for Telephony Application Programming Interface.

Secure calling (SRTP)

Secure Real-time Transport Protocol for secure calls.

Speed dial

Quickly dial frequently called numbers.

Station message detail recording (SMDR)

Record details of call transactions even for non completed calls.

Speech/voice to text (transcription)

Convert voice messages and recordings to text.

Three-way conference / three-way calling

Initiate three-way conference calls.

Toll restriction

Restrict toll calls to certain users.

Virtual extensions

Provide virtual phone extensions.


Voice Virtual Private Network for secure communication.

Voice on-net

Internal network voice communication.

Voicemail / voicemail-to-email

Advanced Voicemail services with email integration.

Web-sockets API

Real time call control for mobile calls.

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