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SMS Gateway

Most network level SMS recording services send you a copy of the SMS after it's been sent or received. With ONSIM, we can put you programmatically in the path of every SMS sent to or from one of your SIM's.

Sending SMS through SMS Gateway

No change to user experience

User sends SMS through regular SMS app on their phone - SMS is sent to our SMS Gateway. The SMS is queued & broadcast via https webhook to a pre-configured endpoint.

Check & Confirm

Programmatically check the SMS for profanity, data leaks, etc or make changes to it's content then confirm it's good to send with a simple API Call.

Receiving SMS through SMS Gateway

Inbound SMS

When a message is sent to one of your numbers we can send you the content of that to check you are happy to deliver it to the intended user or group of users.

Inbound SMS via API

You can also use our SMS API to deliver messages to any of your SIM's opening up a variety of use cases & meaning you no longer have to pay to send costly bulk SMS notifications to your staff.

Use cases for SMS Gateway

ONSIM customers use SMS gateway for a variety of reasons including the following;

SMS Recording

Natively record your SMS for compliance by saving the content of messages sent & received through SMS Gateway.

Adding a Disclaimer

Automatically add a disclaimer or footer to all your outbound SMS.

SMS Hunt-Groups

Use SMS Gatway to broadcast SMS to groups of users creating SMS hunt-groups.

Filter Profanity & Prevent Abuse

SMS Gateway allows you to programmatically check SMS for profanity or abuse & stop it before it's ever sent.

Prevent Data-Breaches

SMS Gateway allows you to programmatically check the content of all SMS so you can guarantee nothing is being sent that shouldn't be.


Are your users replying to SMS in a timely manner? SMS is no longer a black hole - gain visibility & take action on un-replied SMS messages across your teams.

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