07 Non-Mobile and Call Forwarding Services

Our call bundles are designed to offer our customers great value and simplicity when making business calls but there are certain UK numbers that are not included in our UK call bundles which you need to be aware of.

At the link below you will find a comprehensive list of all numbers that are EXCLUDED from our UK bundles - to prevent any unexpected charges we automatically block calling to these numbers. We can unlock access to these numbers but you will be charged a per minute rate to call these numbers.

07 Numbers

Be aware not all numbers that start 07 are mobile numbers. Some 07 numbers are either premium rate (personal numbers) or operated by 3rd party networks who charge much higher fees to call these numbers. They ARE NOT included in your bundle. Networks that commonly use these numbers are Lycamobile  and Lebara Mobile. 

This list of 07 non-mobile, call forwarding, premium and non geographic services is correct as of Jan 2023.

Download List of Excluded UK Numbers .xlsx