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ONSIM Launch eSIM Landline SIM

ONSIM Launch eSIM Landline SIM

It’s finally arrived! Probably our most requested feature has been released today with the introduction of the long awaited eSIM. We’re thrilled to be able to position this alongside our regular physical format SIM’s as an easier way to deploy our business network solution to eSIM compatible devices.

What devices currently support eSIM?

Most modern iPhones (XR and newer) and increasing support for Android devices. GSM arena have a great up-to-date list of devices that support eSIM which you can find here:

Full GSMARENA eSIM Mobile Device list

Why is eSIM such a big deal?

More and more devices support dual SIM which to be fair has been around for ages.

In essence what dual SIM means is that you can have two SIM’s in the same device without carrying around two phones.

For business users this ideal, as it allows separate work and personal profiles for dynamic call by call identity management (especially when used with one of our business landline SIM’s). Lots of our customers have been using this solution for a number of years (myself included) and it works brilliantly!

The challenge however has always been that the implementation of dual SIM in a great number of phones, (namely iPhone) is 1 x physical sim slot and 1 x eSIM (rather than 2 x physical SIM slots). Because of our lack of eSIM support, this means our SIM has always had to be the ‘physical’ SIM and normally requires the user to convert their personal SIM into an eSIM which admittedly is a bit of a faff. I’d actually say that although this is the very best way to use our service less than 1% of our users do and generally speaking it tends to be only the very technically minded that will bother jumping through the necessary hoops (set by the other networks).

Because of this we’ve always felt our SIM would be better as an eSIM. One that can be instantly provisioned onto a device giving an additional profile with a landline number, on-net mobile recording and all the other great features we offer. This opens up a wide range of applications especially to those companies employing BYOD strategies (and struggling with security and privacy concerns) and greatly speeds up our service delivery and deployment processes.

How does ONSIM eSIM work?

We’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible (as with everything we do), we generate a QR code and by scanning the code on the device it’s added automatically. It’s simple and painless and can be done in less than 10 seconds. If you take advantage of our MDM we even install and manage the eSIM profile. Apart from that the service works just like our regular physical SIM giving immediate access to all the benefits.

What’s next?

Good question! eSIM unlocks a lot of benefits beyond quick and painless deployment. There are some really interesting additional benefits eSIM gives the platform, so keep an eye out on our blog for future announcements!

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