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What you get with ONSIM

We offer more unique features than any other mobile network, features your existing carrier will probably tell you are impossible.

Recording & Compliance

Seamless network-level call & sms compliance recording that can't be bypassed. All without rubbish apps and VoIP!

Comprehensive API

We're the first network in the world to offer a comprehensive API, offering unprecedented control of your mobiles.

Global Network

Native service in UK, NAM, EU with no roaming charges or limits. Traditional roaming in 150+ other countries.

Unique Features

We've taken the best elements from fixed line phone services (including landline numbers) and delivered them natively on a sim.

Advanced Cost Controls

Want to see current spend? Attempted calls? Or perhaps limit a user to only roam to or call certain countries? We've got you covered.


Use AI for transcription, summarisation, coaching, compliance, sentiment analysis and more on native mobile calls.

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The ONSIM blog is our narrative on the mobile industry, mobile tech and points of interest for our wide array of customers. We hope you find it useful and informative.


Frequently Asked Questions

With all revolutionary technology there will always be lots of questions. The section below covers the most frequently asked, but please contact us if there is anything else you would like to know.


Mobile networks don't innovate. They've offered the exact same service since the 70's and whilst the phones we use have changed dramatically, the networks they rely on have not kept up. We're on a mission to disrupt the mobile industry and improve it for all.

Do I need to change SIM?

Yes, all our unique features only work when you use our SIM's & network. You can port your existing mobile and landline numbers as you would to any other telecoms provider.

What network do you use?

In the UK we use EE because it's the best network for coverage. They also give our customers access to VoLTE/4G voice which vastly improves the quality of service. When our users travel to other countries we will sometimes change the network to give access to local services and remove roaming restrictions/charges.

Can I use my existing number?

Yes - you can port (or transfer) your existing landline or mobile number to use on the ONSIM service just like any other mobile network or telecom service provider.

What number will be displayed when I make a call?

It's your choice. Unlike other mobile networks ONSIM customers can display either a landline (01,02,03,08) or a mobile (07) number to the person they are calling. This is especially useful for hiding your personal mobile for work.

Do I need to install any apps?

No - our service is SIM based it doesn't even have to be a 'smart' phone. This makes it more reliable and the call quality is far better than using a VoIP App.

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